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Best Prepaid Debit Cards of 2024

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When it comes to managing finances, prepaid debit cards have become a popular and convenient tool for many individuals. Whether you’re looking to control your spending, build credit, or manage money without a traditional bank account, the best-prepaid debit cards offer flexibility and security.

Selecting the best option can be difficult given the abundance of options. This article will examine the best prepaid debit cards available, highlighting features and low costs to help you make an informed choice that fits your budget and way of life.

2024’s Best Prepaid Debit Cards

CardMonthly FeeNo-Fee ATMsRewards1%-3% cash back with an annual cap
Bluebird by American ExpressNoYes, 30,000+NoFree at Family Dollar; potential fee elsewhere
American Express Serve FREE Reloads$6.95 in most statesYes, 30,000+NoFree at Walmart, 7-Eleven, CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar General, Family Dollar
Walmart MoneyCard$5.94 unless you load $500 or more per monthNo, $2.50 per withdrawal1%-3% cash back with annual capFree via the Walmart MoneyCard app, direct deposit, mobile deposit, bank transfer
American Express Serve Cash Back$7.95 in most statesYes, 30,000+1% cash back with no limitFees up to $3.95
FamZoo$5.99, or less with advance paymentYesNo$4.95 at participating retailers

We’ve covered more information on these prepaid debit cards, along with their benefits and drawbacks, below.

Bluebird by American Express

If you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective prepaid debit card, American Express Bluebird is an excellent option. You can use a lot of free ATMs and not worry about monthly costs when you use Bluebird.

Additionally, they provide some free extra benefits, enhancing the security of your card purchases and presenting you with some fantastic deals. Bluebird has lower costs than other prepaid debit cards, which is great if you’re on a tight budget or simply don’t want to pay more to use a debit card.

You may also create individual accounts for each member of your family, and everyone will receive a card linked to the main account. This is a really cool feature.


  • At over 45,000 Walmart, 7-Eleven, CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar General, and Family Dollar outlets, there is no charge when you load cash onto your card.
  • Bank account transfers and direct deposit are two more recharge possibilities.
  • availability of over 30,000 fee-free ATMs
  • Over 30,000 fee-free ATMs are available.


  • A $6.95 monthly fee is required (there isn’t one in Vermont, Texas, or New York).
  • If there is no fee, mobile check deposits take ten days to process.
  • No prizes or other significant advantages

American Express Serve FREE Reloads

For those who frequently need to reload and utilize prepaid debit cards, American Express Serve FREE Reloads is ideal. There are several different places where users can add money without paying for it. The availability of fee-free ATMs also complements the card’s free reloads.

Cash reloads become a practical solution for people without checking accounts, which is why Amex Serve FREE Reloads are the recommended option. Family members can also open free sub-accounts with this card.


  • At more than 45,000 locations—including Walmart, 7-Eleven, CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar General, and Family Dollar—there is no charge when you add cash.
  • Many reload choices, such as bank account transfers and direct deposits
  • nearly 30,000 fee-free ATMs are available
  • Purchase protection is given for qualified purchases.


  • $6.95 per month (not applicable in Vermont, Texas, or New York)
  • If there is no fee, mobile check deposits take ten days to process.
  • No incentives or noteworthy advantages

Walmart MoneyCard

For those who enjoy shopping at Walmart, the Walmart MoneyCard can be a fantastic option for a prepaid debit card. It’s a wise decision as you can reload enough money each month to avoid a monthly fee and receive some cash back through cash-back alternatives.

One of the few reloadable cards with rewards, the Walmart MoneyCard is unique, however the amount you can accumulate annually is limited. Your annual rewards may be sufficient to offset the monthly charge even if you are unable to get it waived.


  • Save 1% in Walmart stores, 2% at Walmart gas stations, and 3% at in cash back.
  • Get 2% yearly return on a savings account that is linked.
  • If you load $500 or more each month, there is no monthly cost.
  • Free reloads of cash through bank transfers, direct deposits, mobile check deposits, and the Walmart MoneyCard app
  • Up to $200 in overdraft protection with approved direct deposit and opt-in


  • There is an annual $75 cap on cashback.
  • If your monthly load isn’t $500 or more, the normal price is $5.94.
  • Every ATM withdrawal will cost you $2.50.
  • Debiting a mobile check could take up to five days.

American Express Serve Cash Back

You can earn a limitless 1% cash back reward on all of your transactions with the American Express Serve Cash Back. Because of its unlimited cash-back potential, this prepaid debit card stands out from the others.

Additionally, the card offers fee-free ATM access, letting you keep more of your money. Although receiving an endless 1% cash back may not be as good as with certain credit cards, this prepaid debit card sets a high bar.

Note that there is a $7.95 monthly fee associated with this card; however, this can be waived if you use the card for at least $795 in monthly purchases.


  • Gets 1% cash back, no limit, on all purchases
  • nearly 30,000 fee-free ATMs are available
  • Purchase protection is given for qualified purchases.*


  • Monthly cost of $7.95 (unless in New York, Texas, or Vermont)
  • Cash reloads may cost up to $3.95
  • If there is no fee, mobile check deposits take ten days to process.

FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card

We selected FamZoo as the greatest card for tweens and teens because it focused upon parents, children, and financial education. In addition to having sub-accounts, the FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card is unique in that it offers an extensive feature set that assists parents in teaching their kids about money management.

Parents can receive four prepaid cards for free, set up automated transfers, and oversee card usage to promote responsible spending and saving habits.


  • Gets 1% cash back, no limit, on all purchases
  • You can request up to four prepaid cards for free and establish automatic recurring transfers (additional cards cost $3 each).
  • In addition to linking transfers to chores, allowances, or non-monetary rewards programs, parents can lock or unlock cards and encourage saving with interest from their own account.
  • Access to fee-free ATMs.


  • A $5.99 monthly cost is applicable, although it can be decreased with upfront payment.
  • At participating retail locations, loading cash onto the card incurs a $4.95 fee.


Q: What Is the Best Prepaid Debit Card?

The finest prepaid debit card depends on personal tastes and requirements, but two well-liked choices are the Chase Liquid card and the Bluebird by American Express.

Q: What Are the Downsides of Prepaid Debit Cards?

Prepaid debit cards have several drawbacks, such as lower rewards than standard credit cards and fees for purchases, ATM withdrawals, and monthly maintenance.

Q: What Is the Best Prepaid Card With No Fees?

The finest fee-free prepaid card is determined by a number of factors, including usage habits. The American Express Serve, Bluebird by American Express, and PayPal Prepaid Mastercard are a few options to think about.

Q: What’s the Best Prepaid Card for Direct Deposit?

The ideal prepaid card for direct deposit is determined by individual requirements and preferences. Options with direct deposit features include Netspend, Bluebird by American Express, and the Green Dot Prepaid Visa.



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