Finland Government Scholarships 2024 (Study in Finland)

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Finland entices international students with its breathtaking landscapes and cutting-edge learning environment. It is the land of a thousand lakes, saunas, and top-notch education. The Finnish Government Scholarships could be the key to realizing your academic dreams if you want to study in this Nordic country. Everything you need to know about these prestigious scholarships for the 2024–2021 academic year is covered in detail in this post.

What are the Finland Government Scholarships?

These scholarships, which are provided by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, are intended to assist gifted foreign students who are enrolled in participating Finnish universities’ Master’s or Doctoral programs but are not citizens of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA). The scholarships are intended to draw top talent and encourage cross-border cooperation in Finnish higher education.

Benefits of the Finland Government Scholarships

Tuition Fee Coverage: The scholarship covers a significant portion, or in some cases, the entirety of your tuition fees at a participating Finnish university. This financial support can significantly ease the burden of educational costs.

Monthly Allowance: A monthly stipend is frequently included in scholarships to assist with living expenses in Finland. The precise amount may change based on the particular scholarship program.

Relocation Grant (For Doctoral Students): In order to help with their transition to Finland, doctoral students who are awarded the Finland Fellowship—one kind of Finland Government Scholarship—may be qualified for a relocation grant.

Research Opportunities: Enrolling in Finland provides access to top-notch research facilities and distinguished faculty. The scholarship may open doors for stimulating scholarly advancement and research partnerships.

Eligibility for the Finland Government Scholarships

To be eligible for the Finland Government Scholarships, you must meet the following criteria:

Citizenship: You have to be a national of a non-EU/EEA nation.

Academic Background: possess a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university (for Master’s programs) or a relevant Master’s degree (for Doctoral programs). A high level of academic achievement is typically anticipated.

Program Eligibility: You have to be submitting an application to a doctoral or master’s program provided by a Finnish university that is involved. Make sure to thoroughly research the eligibility requirements of your chosen program as each university may have different requirements.

Language Requirements: For the majority of programs, proficiency in English is normally required. Verify the minimum scores required for approved English language tests (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) and the specific requirements of the university and program of your choice.

Types of Finland Government Scholarships

The Finland Government Scholarship program offers two primary categories of scholarships:

Finland Scholarships: The Master’s degree programs at the participating Finnish universities are eligible for these scholarships. They may also come with a relocation grant, and they at least pay for the tuition for the first year.

Finland Fellowship (FF): This scholarship is specifically for Doctoral (PhD) programs at participating Finnish universities. It provides a monthly allowance to support living expenses and a contribution to your university’s salary for doctoral researchers.

Application Process for the Finland Government Scholarships

Usually, you can apply directly for the Finland Government Scholarships by visiting the websites of the universities that offer the programs you’re interested in. A centralized application system does not exist.

Important Dates (Remember, the deadline for 2024 has passed)

The Finland Government Scholarships usually have application deadlines in the middle of January every year. Nevertheless, since this data pertains to the scholarship cycle for 2024, make sure to visit the official websites of the colleges you have selected to learn about any impending deadlines for 2025.

Additional Tips for Applying for the Finland Government Scholarships

Research Participating Universities and Programs: The list of universities taking part in the scholarship program is available on the website for Finnish universities ( Examine the unique scholarship opportunities, program requirements, and application processes offered by each university.

Start Early: assemble the necessary application materials, write compelling essays that highlight your research objectives and academic accomplishments, and make sure you fulfill all deadlines well in advance.

Contact University Admissions Offices: Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your preferred university’s admissions office if you have any questions concerning the scholarship or program eligibility.

Highlight Your Achievements: Write strong application essays that highlight your educational background, areas of interest in research, and how your coursework relates to the Finnish university’s program of choice.

Beyond the Scholarship: The Finnish Education System

Finland boasts a world-renowned education system known for its innovative pedagogy, focus on student well-being, and emphasis on practical learning. Studying in Finland offers an enriching experience beyond just academic pursuits. Here are some additional things to consider:

English-Taught Programs: Many universities cater to international students by offering Master’s and PhD programs that are taught exclusively in English.

Research Focus: Finland is a leader in a number of research fields, including social sciences, engineering, technology, and sustainability. Select a program that enables you to work with renowned researchers and fits in with your areas of interest in research.

Living in Finland: Prepare for a unique cultural experience. Finland offers stunning natural beauty, a strong sense of community, and a focus on work-life balance. Be prepared for colder weather and adjust to a slightly slower pace of life compared to some other countries.

Funding Your Studies: Additional Scholarship Options

Even though the Finland Government Scholarships are a great opportunity, you should consider the following other funding sources:

University Scholarships: For overseas students, numerous Finnish universities provide their own scholarships. Examine the scholarship programs offered by the university of your choice.

Home Country Scholarships: There may be scholarships available in your home country for students wishing to study overseas. For pertinent opportunities, check with your government or educational establishments.

External Scholarships: International students can apply for scholarships from a number of foundations and organizations. Look into scholarships that are related to your area of study or experience.

Conclusion: Fulfilling Your Academic Dreams in Finland:

  • The Finland Government Scholarships offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pursue your academic goals in a dynamic, cutting-edge learning environment.
  • You can improve your chances of receiving this esteemed scholarship by thoroughly investigating colleges, programs, and scholarship requirements.
  • Recall that studying in Finland offers you the opportunity to expand your horizons and immerse yourself in a distinct culture in addition to academic pursuits. Now go ahead and start your academic adventure in Finland and experience the wonders of learning in the country of a thousand lakes.




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